Minnetonka House

Italian country house. This house is designed for enjoyable living. It has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, split level, gourmet kitchen with style you will be proud to show your friends. Overlooks a wildlife wetlands with pond and 1000 ft views. The feel of country living yet 15 minuets from downtown.

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Current Feature:   Huntington House

Huntington House is a house that was made for Living in. It was built by a Doctor for his family to enjoy. It was built by skilled craftsmen who knew how to build a great house with style, comfort and meaning. This house was not built for profit. It was built for Living. Browse the photographs to get a feel for this house. They will probably tell you more about the feel of this house than my words ever could.
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The 15 Biggest Remodeling Mistakes...and how to avoid them

I have provided this booklet to my customers and friends to fill what I see as a need to understand more about how to work productively with remodeling contractors. After thirty years of experience with remodeling jobs, customers and subcontractors, I've learned a few things about what makes a customer happy. I could make a list of those things, but that wouldn't be nearly a memorable as making a list of some of the biggest mistakes that a customer can make.

Created by Amy Cullen Designs 2011